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Inspired Art Wine offered my non profit organization,, the opportunity to do a fundraiser at their location.  It was FANTASTIC!  We had 30 painters/participants, the venue is awesome, the drink selections were amazing, and the staff was wonderful

Nancy L., Garden Grove, CA


We painted, we danced to music she let us choose, we drank really good wine, and when we were hungry, we just ordered a pizza from next door.   The price was fantastic.... the instruction was great and the time we had was fantastic!   You can tell that Karen (the owner) puts her heart and soul into this place.  When you're there... you feel like family.    

Melissa A., Irvine, CA


Had a great experience with my daughter painting for Mother's Day! It was a fun time and we learned a lot :) I will definitely come again . Best price and nice location great teacher .              

Samantha G., Huntington Beach, CA


Wow!! Came to inspired for a friends birthday, travelled from Seattle for an art night with the girls--all I can say is what a fun, memorable experience! Our instructor, was so patient, encouraging, and so kind! I would HIGHLY recommend coming. We were laughing and painting and have a beautiful keepsake to remember our time!   

Emily E., Seattle, WA


We had Inspired Art Wine host a corporate team building event for us at our office in Costa Mesa. The event was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time. Karen brought her A team who did an excellent job at keeping everyone engaged and just making sure all attendees had a great experience. They brought all the painting supplies, did all the setup and clean up so we didn't have to worry about anything. Their dark chocolates were simply delicious!    

Nupur J., Costa Mesa, CA


Inspired is a place that gets your create juices flowing! With the help of some wine, or their superb artists, you will have a fun filled experience and leave with a new sense of, "I can do that!" Ha! This place is truly here for you to reconnect with your inner self and become... INSPIRED!

Jane M., San Jose, CA


This place is so much fun! I am not artistic at all and my painting turned out great! They really break it down in an understandable way. And the wine helps too ;) I already reserved my next class! Great for a ladies night or date night.

Chelsea B., Fullerton, CA


My friends and I had a lot of fun painting a beautiful landscape image of a day in the parisian countryside. Karen, the owner, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly when introducing the different types of wine to us. The guidelines given while painting were very definitive and clear, yet it allowed us to apply our own impressions on our pieces. We were taught different techniques of brushing and color mixing allowing us to form a creative "masterpiece" out of a few basic hues. The overall experience was very enjoyable and we cannot wait to come back and try another class in this wonderful studio

Frank S., Cerritos, CA


Came here with a small group for my friends birthday! WOW so much fun! And relaxing at the same time. Our instructor was very encouraging and positive. He explained in detail the lighting and shading techniques we were using, and gave us breaks to paint on our own. We each left with individual pieces of art, and it was definitely worth the time. Want to come back again soon!

Amanda R., Grand Junction, CO


I had so much fun at Inspired Art Wine! I went to a craft beer tasting and paint night and honestly, I can't wait to go back.  Everything from the decor, to the drinks, to the instructors exceeded my expectations. I've done wine and painting nights before, but they've paled in comparison

Giselle D., Huntington Beach, CA


I always have great experiences at Inspired Art and Wine! Had good times with my girlfriends to unwind, while different times I took my husband there for romantic date nights, for a person doesn't have much patience to sit there and paint, he really enjoyed it and having a bar is a total plus!

Kaitlynn T., Garden Grove, CA


Just walking in the first time, I was impressed and moved by the friendly and genuine staff. Immediately after, I booked a class with my best friend. Upon arriving, Karen the owner, treated us like we are regulars; we felt we were part of the studio family and known her for a long time. The studio's decor is simple, modern which makes it relaxing and enjoyable. In addition, they offer delicious wines ( I sometimes go just to buy a bottle). The staff is wonderful, helpful, creative, passionate and everyone wants to make sure you leave with a smile

Sauson J., Costa Mesa, CA


Amazing location tucked in the back of the plaza. My coworker and I inquired about hosting a work event and Karen made the process a BREEZE for us. She created a registration page for our group and guests registered and paid for themselves. No dealing with RSVP'S and checks and all that, the event just created itself. The owner Karen KILLS IT on customer service.The staff is amazing - funny, helpful, friendly. Our event is a total success and I recommend to anyone to book them for parties or check out their events like painting beer glasses!

Kimberly H., Laguna Hills, CA


The bar is wonderful and stocked with amazing wines and other alcoholic varieties. They also had a delightful variety of mixed non alcoholic beverages as well. Our instructor was so fun to work with and follow along. Our 2 hour session felt like only 30 min! Time flies when you're having fun. I also learned a lot of great techniques from the instructor and how to pay attention to perspective and complimentary colors when approaching a painting. Inspired Art Wine is a wonderful local business to support. They are highly involved in the community with participation in many charitable events, as well as promoting and supporting creative arts in schools. 

Nancy N., Los Angeles, CA


So much fun painting at Inspired. An exciting and modern atmosphere.  They offer a large variety of wine and play great music that gets you loosened up to paint. You also get the best experience in a less crowded environment. I've been to other painting events and have felt crammed at the table. Some events were overly crowded and loud that I had to stand and paint in order to follow the instructor. You won't have that problem at Inspired. 

Sandy L., Fountain Valley, CA


The owner and painting instructor were there to greet us so warmly as soon as we walked in, it was nice to see that they wanted to give us the full experience from start to finish. It's best to get there about 15 minutes before your class reservation starts, they go through a whole wine tasting to allow you to choose the perfect refreshment to go along with your painting adventure. 

Corey R., Los Angeles, CA


This place is so much fun! I've been dying to try one of these places and it exceeded my expectations! The teacher was easy to follow, encouraging and so helpful! I love how you can follow along or do whatever you want to your own painting to make it unique! I came with a group of 25 ladies and it was a perfect place for a girls night out! The owner put on some tunes and we had a sing-a-long while painting! There are so many different paintings to choose from at different difficulty levels. They also have painting in wine glasses, wine bottles, and yoga classes with painting afterwards! 

Rachel A., Las Vegas, NV


Recently booked a birthday party with some friends here. Karen is awesome! Our instructor was awesome! There were 15 of us and probably 13 of us had never picked up a paint brush in our lives. Everyone had a great time. The results were great! Step by step instructions. They were very accommodating. We ordered pizzas from next door, brought in our own cake. In between painting, eating, and enjoying the wine that was offered, everyone had a great time.

Kathy T., Westminster, CA


My husband and I came to Inspired during the opening night and did our couple's painting of lovebirds on a tree. Our experience there was incredible. We were greeted, served and had an entertaining art instructor. Parking & location was easy to find. Wine and beverages are great. Our second time coming back during a private event was doubly amazing. We had a palm trees art painting with 9 women. The art instructor was friendly, personable and accommodating to our party. Overall experience was 5 stars!! I highly recommend this venue for art and wine. Great for photos and group events.

Lila L., Irvine, CA


I came here for the first time to paint lili by monet with my boyfriend and future mother-in-law.  We are novices when it comes to painting but with the help of the talented, patient, entertaining, and visionary artist/instructors, we were able to paint something extra ordinary.  The place is kept clean even the bathrooms! We love the modern style such as the beautiful chairs by the window, the backdrop of inspired for picture taking at the end of the class, perfect arrangement of the paintings on the wall, the bar set up, the lighting, and the price of the event.  For the price you pay, it comes with materials and excellent service from the instructors and the owner, Karen.  Karen is very attentive, professional, well dressed, and fun to be around with.

Mary V., Huntington Beach, CA


Never really thought of myself as much of a painter and to be honest I still don't  ;) But a single evening at Inspired Art Wine a few months ago and I walked out the door with a really nice painting that I made all by myself which is hanging on my wall in my living room. And that's sort of the beauty of Inspired Art Wine's concept. It works for all levels. I'm a complete novice and the expert guidance of the leading artist broke down the painting process into these simple tiny little easy steps and had me completely relaxed and comfortable with the whole process. And the wine was really good too! Just a really excellent way to spend an evening and I'm completely itching for my next masterpiece! Great atmosphere. Great leadership. Great crew. Awesome attention to detail. Seriously...Five stars all around!

Mark C., Long Beach, CA


Inspired Art Wine is a great place to do a group event! Karen was paramount in planning our awesome event for a group of out-of-towners! They enjoyed the gallery and painting session. It was so easy to organize the event, the activity and even the food. The price for such a large group was reasonable! I appreciate everything Karen did for the group. Can't wait to plan the next paint night activity!!

Angeliza F., Folsom, CA


When you show up, you just sign in, grab a drink and then grab a seat (or stand and chat). The staff are friendly and welcoming. The instructor is funny and encouraging, and although your own painting may look subpar, you'll have a good time -- and you'll have a tangible memory to take home in this digital age. A beautiful experience. :)

Vince N., Westminster, CA


Man- what a great experience- my teacher was incredible! He really taught me to communicate with other colors in the painting and taught me so much more about my style. I was truly moved by my art! So glad to have found this place- recommend for birthday parties, a night out with a special someone or even to fill in that time where you just can't find something thrilling to do.   Check this place out- totally rad!

Laura B., Yorba Linda, CA

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